Friday, March 9, 2018

Stepping Out

Well. folks, what can I say? The last nine and a half months have been... I can't even come up with a word. Let's go with triumph, as triumph can only come after a lot of hard work, along with running the gambit of all other prerequisite human emotions. Today we are happy to announce that Nick moved out of our guest room to resume his life where he left off back in Denver! We could not be prouder of our young man as he takes this next big step in his recovery. Gosh, that sounds good! Did you hear that? "His next big STEP!" Nick has actually been taking many steps lately. With several weeks of physical therapy under his belt and a fancy new cane, he has become quite unstoppable! After cruising through his first, senior trimester at JWU, PT became the main focus for the remainder of the school year, as it should. He is of course planning on finishing his degree starting in September and with his new apartment being only 10 or 15 blocks away from JWU, he will have an extremely short commute.

We want to offer a huge "Thank You" to (from left to right above) Tyler, Kevin, Jeff, and Jake for doing the heavy lifting. And thanks of course to the man himself, Nick who hit up Burritos To Go early this morning in order to fuel up the moving team. You all took time away from your busy lives to make today go extremely smoothly, and we appreciate you!

As for Maura and me, we agree... it was lump-in-our-throats difficult to send our baby out to fly for the second time this morning. We will persevere, of course, because it's absolutely the right thing for Nick to be doing at this moment, perhaps even ahead of schedule.

To this kid... Go forward, child, we love you, you've got this!